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This project is an initiative of the Uniting Church in Australia NSW.ACT Synod and we are pleased that Catholic Earthcare Australia has joined us as a partner in this exciting journey ahead. The churches are a part of these communities, if there is to be a transformation, for the common good - our place is in that movement reaching out, not standing apart from them.

We want communities along the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers to invite us to work with them in this project establishing community action teams to:

  • find out what makes their community vital and how it is changing socially and economically and culturally.
  • look for opportunities that emerge for their community to develop and nurture sustainable futures.
  • identify and plan for a specific project that they agree can strengthen the vitality of their community as it adapts to the future.

These teams may already be existing or yet to form. They may or may not be connected with any other faith community – they can be social, education or business oriented groups. We don't propose to have answers or be experts - but we do believe we have resources and the courage to work together for a sustainable future for the communities, the environment and industry of the Murray Darling.