We Need Champions in Your Place

If your 16 to 35 years and want to be involved in Faith in a Basin Future get in touch on our Become a Champion page or call Neil on 0407315044 or via our facebook page or email.

If your over 35 years - there are roles for you in FBF as well - get in touch with us and talk to us about the Community Mentoring Panel. - give your knowledge, skills and energies to helpingĀ  inform the future.

What is FBF?

FBF is a project supported by the Uniting and Catholic Churches to enable young people in Basin communities an opportunity to use their strengths and develop additional knowledge skills and resources to lead their communities into a future they see or aspire to for themselves.

Its about the Basin as a Place and People and whatever happens having the confidence to imagine and shape the future.

What do i need to bring?

You need to be open to working with others to come up with a project that promotes community resilience, environmental sustainability, social inclusion and economic opportunity.

You need to engage local support from your community and work with the FBF Project team to get backing for your ideas from people and organisations who will help you to put it into practice.

Do i need to go to Church/be a Christian?

No Its not about Church, but the Churches belief in the people of the Basin and the ecology of the Basin - we are not telling you what you should do, or how to do it - we want to help you tell and show us what you can do !