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Welcome to Faith in a Basin Future. Faith is an interesting word; we use it to describe our beliefs and to name our belief based identities, but we also use it as a word that describes our intentions - it is a word that takes us beyond rhetoric to action - and critically that is what Faith in a Basin Future is intent upon - taking action together with younger people for the future of Basin communities.

We want them to show us what they know will take their communities into the future; socially, culturally, ecologically and economically - that their voice can be heard in their community and around the table of various stakeholders and interest groups.

There is a story being told about Basin communities being on the cusp of closing down as a consequence of populations aging, essential services leaving and that water management reform and climate change will only accelerate this. Yet there is another story to be told as well, by younger people in these communities who are committed to the Basin and are facing up to the challenges just as their parents and grandparents have done for generations. It is a story of change, learning and adaption - a story of Faith in a Basin Future.